The Letter Black burst onto the hard rock landscape with their Tooth & Nail debut HANGING ON BY A THREAD (2010) which opened as one of the best-selling albums from a new band in the label's history. While it can be attributed to driving guitars and big vocal hooks, the success of the band's first effort can also be traced to the passion and energy this band expends, especially in their live performances. The band also showcased the value of hard work, often performing 150-200 shows a year. 

As their career developed, The Letter Black decided to continue building on this energy. When it came time to work on their sophomore album REBUILD (2013), they stepped on the gas.  They tapped into more riff-centric writing, tackling strong subjects such as judgmental personalities, hypocrites, addiction and more.  And they faced these issues with depth, giving hope through their music. The album is full of energy-infused, hard-hitting compositions, designed to be showcased in the band's live show.

In 2016, they departed their label and, for the first time, found themselves in the driver’s seat. That's when guitarist Mark Anthony began writing for their third album. Mark has always colored outside the lines, and he did just that with those early demos which lead to The Letter Black’s most aggressive and heaviest record to date, PAIN (2017). Mark’s lower tunings,  seven-string guitars, and new approaches to synth/strings, along with Justin’s insane drumming, Matt's sick riffs on bass and Sarah’s unbridled vocals produced an album that is unique and promises to take the listener on a journey into the minds and hearts of The Letter Black. 

During early 2017, the band began talking to David Ellefson, bassist of the band Megadeth. Interestingly enough, David had launched a successful record label of his own called EMP Label Group. As a result of these talks, the band inked a distribution deal with David’s label. With the new label and huge support from a Kickstarter campaign, they released PAIN. The band performed shows across the US and Europe to support the release of their third album. 

In 2020, the band began working on album number 4, and signed with Rockfest Records with the self-titled album to be released August 6th, 2021. They released their first single from the new album on February 26th, 2021 and "Rise" stood at #1 on the Christian Rock Charts for many weeks throughout the summer. TLB's second single, "Born for This" Ft. Trevor McNevan was then released on June 25th, with both singles hitting the charts simultaneously. The band also released the music video for "Born for This" on July 9th, 2021, just a month before the long-awaited release of their senior album on August 6th. Catch them on the road and follow them on social media for the most up-to-date information!